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i-Pilates is an exercise program with which we train the entire body to move in a stronger and more flexible way. During the lessons on the mat – in combination with training tools – your full chain of movement will be covered. This chain consists of joints, muscles, and intervening tissues. If these form a good team, you will literally know what to do with each part of your body. You will move with natural strength and flexibility and you will be positively aware of your body and posture.

Vitality, self-confidence, relieve of stress, and lifting restrictions are the results I want to achieve with you. Therefore I invite you to join a weekly training in my studio or at your home.

“Self-knowledge about the way we move affects us both physically and mentally. That is a beautiful thing to observe!”

individual attention

Every person moves differently. In the course of time, your personal movement patterns are determined by habits, injuries or sometimes even lasting harm. With my background as a physical therapist and my eye for detail, I will make an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses in your movement chain from the first lesson. By performing the exercises in a controlled manner, you will move more efficiently. Are you hampered by restrictions or pain in your day-to-day functioning? With i-Pilates, we can reduce or even remedy your complaints.

I give both individual lessons to 1 or 2 people and group lessons to a maximum of 6 people. This way, I can give you the attention that will help improve your individual posture, muscle control, balance, flexibility, and breathing.

“As a Pilates instructor with a physical therapy background, I look at the origin of individual movement patterns.”


In the more than fifteen years that I teach, I have developed my own program. I regularly get compliments from top trainers from the Pilates world. With the use of balls, magic circles, dynabands, and other tools, I create variation in my lessons. This keeps my students active and motivated and I like looking for new applications and tools.

Pilates is not only suitable for ‘healthy’ people, you can also achieve great results in the field of rehabilitation and the prevention of mobility complaints. I have experienced this first hand.

“I can recommend everyone with neck, back, shoulder and knee problems to try i-Pilates.”


I get my inspiration and expertise from the classic teaching of Joseph Pilates, from the international refresher courses of his followers, and from new insights into the kinematics, such as Biotensegrity, a relatively new science based on biomechanics.

There are still teachers active who have been trained by Joseph Pilates himself, the so-called ‘Pilates Elders’. Because you can teach Pilates up until old age, they provide training all over the world. To me, they are a great source of inspiration. I follow a number of their lessons each year via Balanced Body.

“Your age is as flexible as your spine, a wonderful statement by Joseph Pilates, founder of the Pilates exercise method.”

Pilates is my way of life

Henriëtte de Neve

Almost 20 years ago, I got a hernia. I worked as a physical therapist and didn’t want to become incapacitated. That is why I started to look fanatically for the most effective treatment for my back problems. Pilates exercises proved a benefaction for my back. Once recovered, I started to follow the training to become a certified Pilates instructor next to my work as a physical therapist. Now, I have been teaching with pleasure for over 15 years and I regularly follow courses of my role models in the Pilates teachings. i-Pilates keeps me young and energetic and I love letting other people experience that same feeling.

information about times and locations

Do you want to know what i-Pilates can do for you? Send a message via the contact form and I will call you for a telephone interview. During that conversation, I can answer possible questions and we can tune which teaching method, which location, and what time are most suitable for you. I give individual lessons at home or group lessons at two locations.

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Locations for group lessons
(a maximum of 6 people):

Fysiocentrum Den Haag
Laan van Meerdervoort 1158
2555 CB Den Haag

Alexanderplein 2
2585 AZ Den Haag